Information for Music Majors

SOM Office

The School of Music Office is located in Ed Landreth Hall, Suite 120. Learn more about the SOM Staff

Fall Auditions

Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band Auditions
Auditions for both Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band will take place on Saturday, August August 20. Please check the Band Website for updated information, and see the 2016 Newsletter.

TCU Marching Band Camp is scheduled from August 13 to August 19. Those persons interested in participating should fill out the online TCU Marching Band Form or contact Debbie Alenius at 817-257-7640 or More information is available at .

TCU Jazz Ensemble Auditions
For information about auditioning for the TCU Jazz Ensemble, please visit the TCU Band Website, and read the letter from Professor Eckert in the 2016 Newsletter.

Orchestra Auditions
Orchestra auditions for 2016-2017 academic year will be coordinated by the applied faculty members as follows:  

String players will audition for the string faculty on the first day of classes, August 22 from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Music excerpts will be announced the second week of August by the Orchestra Graduate Assistant, Juan Chaves -

Wind and Brass player for the TCU Symphony will be recommended by the faculty, based on the results of the Band auditions. Audition music can be found on the TCU Band website.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to prepare your music at or close to correct tempos. Listening to recordings is highly recommended and expected. Your familiarity with the excerpt’s proper range of tempos and manner of execution is an important part of your audition.

Choral Auditions
contact the director below to schedule an audition
Concert Chorale - contact Dr. Christopher Aspaas:
University Singers – contact Dr. Sheri Neill:
Frog Corps (Men’s Choir) - contact Brad White:
Cantiamo (Women’s Choir) - contact Dr. Sheri Neill:
Vocal Jazz - contact Dr. Amy Stewart:

Percussion Ensemble
Percussionists should contact Dr. Brian West about auditions –

Important Dates to Remember

The following activities are required of all new incoming music majors:

  • Theory/Ear Training Placement Exam – Monday, August 22 at 8:30am on the Ed Landreth Stage. Required for all incoming freshmen.
  • SOM Fall Convocation – Wednesday, August 24 at 3:00pm in PepsiCo Recital Hall. - All incoming music majors are required to enroll in MUSI 11040 Class Piano. Students interested in testing for placement beyond the first semester can do so during the week before classes begin. (Download pdf).

Recital/Concert Attendance
Music majors are required to enroll in and pass MUSI 11000, Recital Hour, each semester. This is a Pass/No-Credit, zero-credit course. Music majors are required to attend a minimum of 15 concerts each semester, with the exception of the student-teaching semester for BME students. Six of these concerts must be from the weekly School of Music Recital Hour Series. The remaining nine may be chosen from faculty and guest artist recitals, TCU and guest ensemble concerts, and student recitals. Students will submit to the School of Music office original printed concert programs signed by a TCU School of Music faculty member in attendance. Programs must be submitted to Ms. Ott in the School of Music office within five days after the event, or they will not be accepted. The deadline to submit programs for concert credit is 5 p.m. on the last day of classes.

How to get a Locker

Charlene Smith assigns lockers in the SOM Office (ELH Suite 120). Once you have a locker assignment, you may keep it as long as you are a music major at TCU. Instrumental lockers are located in both Ed Landreth and the Walsh Center – piano students will be assigned a locker in the piano wing located in the Walsh Center. Charlene will issue you a combination to the locker/padlock when she assigns you the locker. Students are not allowed to use their own padlocks on the lockers. Please contact Charlene Smith if you have questions about locker assignments at 817-257-7232 or

Practice Rooms

Practice rooms for the School of Music are located on the second floor in Ed Landreth Hall. These rooms are open during regular building hours of 7:00am to 11:00pm.

There are additional practice rooms in the basement of Waits Residence Hall located next to the SOM. These rooms are card key accessible 24 hours/7 days a week. Please see Charlene Smith in the SOM Office to activate your ID card to use this facility.

These SOM Practice Rooms are on a “first come, first served basis” and are subject to the SOM Practice Room Policy.

The Piano Practice Rooms located in the Walsh Center Piano Wing are only for students enrolled in private piano lessons. Upon registration, each student is granted card access and then must sign up for practice hours at the beginning of each semester. Please contact Charlene Smith for more information at 817-257-7232 or

Computer Lab

The SOM Computer Lab is located on the 3rd floor in Ed Landreth Hall. The lab contains both Mac and PC computers equipped with ear training and music notation software. MIDI keyboards are part of each workstation as well. Hours of operation vary throughout the week and on weekends. Check the lab door for the most recent schedule.

Advising 101

All music majors are assigned a faculty advisor based on their area of study. You can find out who your advisor is by checking your account.

Each semester, you are required to schedule an appointment and meet with your advisor before you can register for classes. You can find your registration/enrollment date by checking your and then Student Center. Please print and bring your Degree Progress Report to your advising appointment. This can be found by checking your and then Student Center. The advisor will review your degree plan and help you select the proper classes for the upcoming semester. As you progress through the program, you are expected to take responsibility for your degree plan, making sure you’re fulfilling the requirements of your degree. The advisor is available to guide you and to answer questions about your degree program and the course selections you have made.

Music majors should be aware of the TCU School of Music Course Rotation when selecting their courses for upcoming semesters.

For further information about the advising process in the SOM, please contact Kristen Queen at 817-257-6349 or