Information for Non-Majors

At TCU, all students are welcome to participate in the variety of events and programs available in the School of Music. Whether you’re interested in singing in a choir, playing in the orchestra, marching in the band, or taking guitar lessons, the information below will help answers your questions and point you in the right direction.

SOM Office

The School of Music Office is located in Ed Landreth Hall, Suite 120. To learn more about the SOM, please feel free to explore our website or contact Charlene Smith in the SOM Office at 817-257-7341.

Fall Auditions

All students participating in one of the SOM Ensembles are required to play a placement audition.

Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band Auditions
Auditions for both Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band will take place on Saturday, August 20. Please check the Band Website for updated information, and see the 2016 Newsletter.

TCU Marching Band Camp is scheduled from August 13 to August 19. Those persons interested in participating should fill out the online TCU Marching Band Form or contact Debbie Alenius at 817-257-7640 or More information is available at

TCU Jazz Ensemble Auditions
For information about auditioning for the TCU Jazz Ensemble, please visit the TCU Band Website, and read the letter from Professor Eckert in the 2016 Newsletter.

Orchestra Auditions
Orchestra auditions for 2016-2017 academic year will be coordinated by the applied faculty members as follows:  

String players will audition for the string faculty on the first day of classes, August 22 from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Music excerpts will be announced the second week of August by the Orchestra Graduate Assistant, Juan Chaves -

Wind and Brass player for the TCU Symphony will be recommended by the faculty, based on the results of the Band auditions. Audition music can be found on the TCU Band website.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to prepare your music at or close to correct tempos. Listening to recordings is highly recommended and expected. Your familiarity with the excerpt’s proper range of tempos and manner of execution is an important part of your audition.

Choral Auditions
contact the director below to schedule an audition
Concert Chorale - contact Dr. Christopher Aspaas:
University Singers – contact Dr. Sheri Neill:
Frog Corps (Men’s Choir) - contact Brad White:
Cantiamo (Women’s Choir) - contact Dr. Sheri Neill:
Vocal Jazz - contact Dr. Amy Stewart:

Percussion Ensemble
Percussionists should contact Dr. Brian West about auditions –

Private Lessons

Private instrumental and vocal lessons for non-majors are available on a limited basis. Interested students are required to audition for the area instructor in order to be considered for studio placement. Non-majors who have received a music scholarship from the SOM are required to enroll in private lessons. For more information, please contact Paul Cortese, Assistant Director at 817-257-7098 or

Music Minor

The TCU Minor in Music provides student musicians with the opportunity to study music history, music theory, and applied performance at the collegiate level. This program is not intended as an introduction to music. Rather, it is designed for students with previous, substantial musical experience who wish to further their musical knowledge and abilities with professional study. For more information, contact Kristen Queen, Assistant Director at 817-257-6349 or at

View the Music Minor Degree Plan